R.I.P. Ann – Work on “the book” continues

Ann Draper Tompkins died peacefully, at home, on Sunday, March 24th – after her personal “long march” and more than 10 years with Parkinson’s Disease.

Work on her book “Across Oceans and Revolution” will continue. It will be a more personal book than the one she envisioned decades ago. She also wanted to write a book about her mother. There is much about her mother in this book.

Ann was pleased with what has been written so far. I’ve even uncovered some family stories she’d never heard. She said, “I hadn’t realized you were such a researcher. I said, “You must have kept all this tuff for a reason!” I wish she could read the finished book. I hope I am doing her life justice.

Rest in peace, Ann.

Peace & solidarity, Susan Lamont

Lovely photo courtesy of Lincoln Cushing


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