Crowdfunding Campaign Details

The papers have been organized, the interviews transcribed and the first few chapters have been written. Before her death, Ann left instructions that she wanted work on the book to continue. Now we need to raise funds to bring the book to completion. You can now read some excerpts from the book at the new crowdfunding campaign website. We hope you’ll be able to help, but, even if you can’t, we hope you’ll let others know about it.

We do have rewards for support and you can see them at the crowdfunding site. We prefer checks so as to avoid the crowdfunding fee. However we will of course accept support via credit card payment as well. Please note that the credit card charge will be made to ‘Project Censored’, who is the project fiscal sponsor. In either case, if you desire a reward let us know. If not, let us know that too.

Checks may be made out to ‘Media Freedom Foundation’ and sent to PO Box 4477, Santa Rosa, CA  95402

Credit card link: Please note that the credit card charge will be made to ‘Project Censored’, who is our project fiscal sponsor.

Thank you

One thought on “Crowdfunding Campaign Details

  1. My prayers of love and gratitude to John and Ann. Her guidance and friendship awakened me to a better life and way of walking on the earth. She has been a flow of blessings in my life. Aho


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