You/We Did It!

Hooray! We made it – raised $12,009! Now the work really begins.

Waving people

First, sending out all the rewards – that will take a few weeks.

Ann has started recording her stories and we are gathering all of her past writings – which are voluminous. We’ll be editing and revising that for use in the book. We don’t want to duplicate what’s already written. It’s writing that is closer to the events and therefore is fresh. And we’ll be transcribing the recordings to fill in what has not been written earlier. Lots to do and we’re really looking forward to it!

2 thoughts on “You/We Did It!

  1. So glad we did it! More power to Ann and her staff. Now we will be waiting for the book. Keep up the good work.

    Ruth Fradkin – Moshav Yarkona, Israel


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