“She can write a book!”

A poem by Ann’s mother, Gwen Tompkins, to Ann (as an adult, not a baby)

ANN 10.26.14 - 001

I have a Daughter

She can cook
or write a book.
She can sew
or tell you what to do.
She can be a leader
or tell you how from her reader [criticism/self-criticism pamphlet].
She’s always too busy,
so a little dizzy.
She’s quite a daughter.
Her Ma can’t do without her.

One thought on ““She can write a book!”

  1. My dear Ann – Just to say what wonderful memories I have of Gwen, of you, of the WanderBird – and how you changed my life.

    Will be waiting for the book.

    Ruth Fradkin – Yarkona, Israel


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